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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions we get asked. If you still have a question then please get in touch.

How quickly can you find me a tutor?2020-08-13T10:32:23+00:00

We carefully select the most appropriate tutor to meet  your requirements. We will then contact the tutor who in turn will contact you to arrange the tutoring sessions. We will also send you the tutor details. This normally only takes a few days but can be even quicker – particularly if you would like online tuition.

If there is no suitable tutor available at that time, we will contact you to let you know. We can then advertise to find a suitable tutor for you. This may take a bit longer.

What is a DBS check?2020-08-13T10:32:23+00:00

A DBS check is a record of a person’s criminal convictions and cautions – carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service. It is an essential requirement for our tutors. We insist that our tutors have an enhanced certificate which also provides any details held by the police on an individual.

Is online tutoring effective?2020-08-13T10:32:23+00:00

Our online tutoring is live face to face tutoring over a video link or platform. We do not use pre-recorded sessions for our tutoring. The tutoring is still tailored to meet a student’s needs. Good online tutors build an effective working partnership with the student and the tuition they deliver will be effective and engaging.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?2020-08-13T10:32:23+00:00

The most obvious benefit is that we have a wider pool of tutors to choose from to ensure a suitable match for you. An excellent science tutor in Huddersfield can tutor a student in Ilkley, for example. So although we will always use tutors from our Yorkshire area, we are not restricted by travelling distance.

Tutors can also use a range of inline materials to support their teaching including interactive whiteboards, online worksheets and video.

We can also schedule tuition more easily to meet your availability. This can include shorter sessions for younger children.

Can I have a tutor come to our house?2020-08-13T10:32:23+00:00

At present the vast majority of our tutoring is taking place as live online sessions. There are one or two tutors who are offering in-person tutoring in the student’s own home.

Do I have to pay extra for tutors to come to our home?2020-08-13T10:32:23+00:00

When tutors come to your home, they also have to consider travel times and costs. Most tutors charge a little more to cover this.

Why would I pay your prices when I can get a tutor for £15 an hour through Facebook?2020-08-13T10:32:23+00:00

It’s true – there are a lot of advertisements out there for tutors from £15 an hour. It’s equally true that there are tutors who are charging £50 an hour.  The tutoring sector is unregulated. People can charge whatever they like for their services and there is no one who is checking what they are providing. Some of the tutors who advertise their services for £15 are sixth form students or undergraduates who have no teaching experience.

So – yes we are more expensive than some tutors. Here’s why. All Home-School Tutoring tutors are fully vetted and reference checked. We also check their qualifications. All the tutors are experienced graduates and/or are qualified teachers. Many have Masters degrees or higher. They have spent a lot of years developing specialist knowledge in their subject.

Most importantly, for your peace of mind we ensure that every tutor holds a valid enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate.

Not every tutor who applies to register with us is successful.

In addition to the hour’s tutoring, our tutors also have to spend time before the session preparing the lesson, marking any homework there might be and preparing and making /printing resources. Then there is travel time and petrol costs for those tutors who are offering in-home tutoring.

We feel that our tutors offer excellent value for money. The feedback we get from clients is great. If your budget is £15 a  week then why not think about a high quality tutor for an hour every two weeks?

Can I stop the lessons?2020-08-13T10:32:23+00:00

Yes – that’s not a problem. You  are not tied into a contract so you may stop at any time you like. We just ask for a week’s notice as courtesy to the tutor who may be planning lessons. Any feedback will always be appreciated.

If, for any reason, you feel that you are not getting the expected benefit we can discuss to resolve any concerns.

What if we need to change the day or time of our tutoring?2020-08-13T10:32:23+00:00

Again, no problem. You will need to contact your tutor first and try and arrange a mutually convenient time with them. If this can’t be done, please let us know and  we will try and find you an alternative tutor.