Tutor name: Beki D

Specialist Subjects: ICT Media, Media Studies, Photography

Age group: A-Level, BTEC, GCSE, KS3

Hey there!

I’m Beki and I am a qualified teacher of Media Studies & ICT. I am also a professional digital content creator with specialisms in photography, video, and graphic design. I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years, during that time I have also had video projects for companies such as Millets, Dunelm & the BBC. My background in photography ranges from working with fashion designers, live music acts including Kaiser Chiefs. I am confident with most programs of Adobe CC as well as Final Cut Pro, I love learning new software so find it easy to pick up any other programs used as well.

I have always been fascinated by the world of film & media, whether that be learning about the production of films or why a particular shot type or lighting style was chosen to convey connotations. During my time as a Media Studies teacher, I loved being able to share my fascination with like-minded students and develop key critical thinking skills about the world around us and we consume information every day. Now I’m able to combine theoretical knowledge and understanding with industry standard practical knowledge to be able to help tutees with exam and coursework topics.

All students have different needs and I enjoy coming up with a variety of engaging activities, especially when it comes to the slightly tougher theoretical topics in Media Studies. This is one reason why I love teaching Media Studies, as it can bring out the best in nearly all students whether they are more academic or creative, as well as prepare them for whatever path they decide to take in the future.

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