Tutor name: Eve C

Specialist Subjects: 11+, English, Maths, Science - Primary

Age group: 11+, Primary

I am an experienced, reliable and highly successful primary school teacher. Teaching from reception up to year six, covering all primary subjects including Maths, English, Phonics and Science and can deliver one-to-one tutoring and group tutoring, in any setting, to a high standard which motivates students to succeed. I have a genuine interest in helping all children learn, creating individualised learning plans and working alongside parents, schools and any other agencies to support children’s learning and needs.

Teaching for over five years across all key stages means I have an overview of where children come from and where they need to get to, especially in regard to SATs. I have experience of teaching phonics in year one and year two, as well as booster phonics for year three children. I also have experience of teaching children with SEND and EAL, who need an approach that is flexible.

Flexible, understanding and patient – I know children need this approach to learn and be their very best. I understand that an ever-changing curriculum means that I must adapt to support children’s educational needs. I am thoughtful and nurturing with a willingness to give every child a chance, as I believe that all children can succeed, when they feel empowered, inspired and engaged in learning.

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