Tutor name: Jack C

Specialist Subjects: English, Maths, Science - Primary

Age group: Primary

I am Jack and am a qualified primary teacher.  I grew up in Leeds but have lived in several places in the UK and abroad having caught the travel-bug young.

I am passionate, articulate and spend my spare time organising and facilitating spoken word events for adults and children as well as writing and performing myself. I have always enjoyed bringing this enthusiasm for knowledge and language into my classroom and ensuring students are engaged and excited by the subject matter we are learning.

I studied English and Drama in Cardiff for my degree and after graduating gained classroom experience in Hanoi, Vietnam where I taught English for nearly 2 years. Now having trained formally and with 3 years of teaching under my belt, I would like to help students achieve the best results they can by offering my services as a tutor.

I like to create a space where children’s engagement and attention are rewarded by lessons that are fun, capture their interest and make them want to be involved.

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