Tutor name: Vicki C

Specialist Subjects: Engineering, Maths, Physics

Age group: A-Level, GCSE, KS3

In 2002, Vicki began her journey in Engineering through a National Diploma. Inspired by her lecturers, she progressed into higher education, before succeeding in a Masters in Engineering from the University of Ulster. Her Masters’ portfolio was highly commended, and she was also recognised as an outstanding student within the associated placements.

Following this, she became both a teacher and lecturer in Engineering, Mathematics and Physics at Southern Regional College, Armagh (N.I) where she delivered a plethora of units to students working in KS3, GCSE and A-Level studies.

Due to Vicki’s diligent and committed attitude, she has an excellent knowledge across number of exam boards and was recommended to become a Standards Verifier for Edexcel Pearson – this has given Vicki a further knowledge into the accuracy of exams, coursework and the background efforts required to be able to achieve the highest academic results.

Within the last few years, Vicki has worked with nearly 100 students on a 1-1 basis (mainly Years 10, 11 and 12), helping them to build their confidence, conquer the fear of progression and also empower students to fulfil scores which may have once seemed unachievable.

Vicki wishes all her students to know that, “If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost” and from that, regardless of how past paper results may look, there are always positives to be taken from it – negatives are never focused on. Vicki’s teaching practice is all about rapport with students and creating an environment in which students can both grow and feel safe within.

Vicki has taken her experience from several years of teaching students in Engineering to successfully help those who require additional support in mathematics, further mathematics, and science. Her passion is seeing those students develop their skills and increase in confidence in their subjects.

In her spare time, Vicki spends her time with her family at home and on the family farm – plenty of sheep and calves to keep her busy.

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