Maths for a purpose

We were asked by Hazel if we could find a maths tutor to support her to pass her Maths Functional Skills level 2 in order for her to enroll on a nursing course in December. She is currently a healthcare assistant doing an amazing job but is keen to progress.

Jack was a new tutor to us but was keen to help Hazel with her maths, was enthusiastic about making a difference. He was also a local tutor, as Hazel felt she needed in-person tutoring. We are so pleased that this tutor match has been so successful.

Hazel has given us some great feedback to say how helpful the tutoring has been in helping her understand new concepts. We are also able to provide her with example exam papers to practise.

“Thank you so much for choosing Jack to be my tutor..”

Hazel says she feel so much more positive now and is well on the way to passing her exams. Watch this space…

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maths for a purpose
Published On: August 1, 20200.8 min readCategories: Case Study, Maths
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