Data Protection and Privacy Policy Statement

Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy statement is to confirm your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

 We explain in this Privacy Policy:

  1. How we look after your personal data
  2. The reasons for sharing your personal data when we have a legitimate reason to do so
  3. Our research and marketing activities
  4. How to contact us if you wish to have the personal data that we have about you, reviewed or removed

How we look after your personal data:  Tutors and Clients

  • We keep the data of all Tutors and Clients who contact us or who register with us, private and safe.
  • The data you provide enables us to manage our relationship with you as an individual or with your organisation or business so that we can offer the best services and advice that we can.

 Reasons for sharing the personal information of our Tutors and Clients 

  • We pass on your personal data only for the legitimate reasons that we are entitled to by the nature of our business, so that we can manage the enquiries and registrations that we receive to give the best possible tutoring and educational services.
  • If there is any other reason why it is in our legitimate interest to share your information, we are entitled to do so. This includes circumstances where we have a signed contract or agreement with you or if it is our legal duty to pass on the information.

Our Research and Marketing Activities:  Tutors and Clients and our website users

  • We do not sell your data to a third party.
  • Your collected data may help us, as a business of educational support and tutoring services, to study how our clients, tutors , users of our website and others who make enquiries, utilise our products and services and to improve the services that we provide.

Tutor Profiles

Profiles are kept active on the site until tutors request they are withdrawn. Profiles may be changed or modified at anytime by emailing

How to contact us if you wish to have the personal data that we have about you, reviewed or removed 

  1. Tutors and Clients: 
  • If you are a registered Tutor or current Client with one of our Home School Tutoring areas, we will legitimately communicate with you for as long as required in order to fulfil our mutual commitments.  If you wish to make any amendment to the data that is held about you, contact the Area Advisor designated to you.  If you are unable to make contact with your Area Advisor for any reason, contact the main office of Home-School Tutoring:
  1. Others:  users of our website, past tutors or past clients 
  • If you are not currently registered with Home School Tutoring as a Tutor or a current Client, and you receive information from us which you no longer wish to receive, contact the sender of the message direct, requesting ‘STOP further messages from HST ‘.   Unless we have the need, for legitimate reasons, to contact you, we will delete your details from the data base.
  • If you do not contact us to request that your details be taken off our data base, we will delete your information after 7 years.


This policy has been updated in response to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) May 2018. The GDPR requires companies to describe how we protect personal data and how we use it.   

We have taken this opportunity to review our practices and make improvements where necessary so that all visitors to this website, and all clients and tutors who use our services will feel confident that their details are safe with Home-School Tutoring.