Highly qualified tutors

We have tutors for all main examination subjects – and also some more unusual ones. If we don’t already have a tutor in our network for a particular subject – just  ask! We will do our very best to find you one.

Our primary tutors usually teach ages from 6 – 11 but some will tutor younger children. Our primary tutors are great online and the children love the online lessons!

Our secondary subject tutors usually teach from Year 7 to University level. Some specialise in ‘A’-level and above. It is more likely that you will get a tutor in your subject if you try our live online tutoring.

  • Primary

    Our specialist primary tutors teach all subjects from 4 – 11. Our live online interactive phonics sessions are particularly popular. But if you need a tutor for reading, writing, maths, grammar, vocabulary development, science or French – our primary tutors can offer it.

  • Sciences

    Whether combined sciences or specialist biology, chemistry or physics, we can supply tutors to meet your requirements. We have great online science tutors to support right through to university level.

  • Maths

    Our maths tutors can help with any particular maths difficulties or general exam revision. Some tutors also offer statistics and mathematical modelling which are available live online.

  • English

    If you need support with English, our tutors can help. They teach any aspect of the subject – whether to study a particular set text or more general writing skills. Also reading comprehension, text analysis, drama and theatre studies and report writing.

  • languages

    Whether it is to learn a new language at conversational level or ‘A-level support we have tutors currently in French, Italian, Spanish, Urdu and German. We also have classical Latin and Greek.

  • Other Subjects

    We also cover: Computer Studies, Geography, History, Psychology & Religious Studies.