Tuition for a Theatre Company

We were approached by a local theatre company to provide tutoring for a young performer. They had no previous experience of long-term tutoring or the necessary statutory requirements around employing a child actor. They also needed tutors with flexibility to respond to a changing rehearsal schedule and to be able to tutor during the day. The school were providing the work but a close liaison was needed.

As well as tutoring we can offer education advice and consultancy on a range of subjects and we were able to advise them of the statutory requirements and legislation that governed the tuition and ensure that they were providing adequate tutoring hours to allow then to obtain a performance licence.

The Area Advisor was the link tutor involved in liaising with the school and the theatre company and ensuring work was completed. Due to the personalised nature of the tuition we provide we were able to plan and deliver 15 hours of tuition each week through the show’s rehearsal and production stages. This included tuition being delivered whilst the show was on tour.

The outcome was that the student was able to keep up with the work that was being completed in school and was able to sit the end of term exams successfully. School were pleased with the quality of the liaison and parents commended the well-planned tuition and involvement we had in the student’s education.

“We are really grateful for your involvement and time spent with Sam in his educational process”.

The theatre company was able to fulfil its statutory responsibilities around tuition and we established an excellent working relationship for future productions.

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tuition for a theatre company
Published On: July 5, 20201.4 min readCategories: Case Study
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