What’s happening with exam results this year?

This year the exam halls were empty as exams were cancelled and  students’ grades have all been based on teacher predictions.

A-level and BTEC results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are announced on Thursday 13th August with GCSE results the following week.

Schools should have provided their students with details about how to access their results and you should contact your school if you are unsure.

School and colleges have this year been asked to predict the grades they think pupils would have achieved had they sat their exams. This takes into account school work, homework, mock exam results and ongoing school assessments. These assessments will then be moderated by the exam boards to take into account patterns of results from previous years. The aim is to provide fair results that are consistent with previous years.

Once you have your results you can ask the school what grade their predicted you.

There area special rules this year about how to appeal against the results. There are only very limited ways to appeal if you think you should have achieved a higher grade. Your right to challenge the results are limited to whether you consider there to have been a biased decision or a technical error.

Otherwise if you think your grade should be higher you have to prove it by sitting an exam in the Autumn Term. Your school should provide you with guidance about this. But be aware… the deadlines for applications are very early on in the Autumn Term.

  • A levels – 4th September
  • GCSE (except Maths and English) –  18th September for GCSEs
  • GCSE (Maths and English)- 4th October

You will need to ask your school or college to enter you for the exams. You can then use whichever grade is higher when applying for university or college places or if you are applying for a job or apprenticeship.

Universities are being asked to be as flexible as possible over allocating places in case students need to appeal or retake. If you need to retake and you have a university place waiting make sure you speak to your school or college and they will be able to advise you.

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whats happening with exam results this year
Published On: August 13, 20201.8 min readCategories: Exams, News
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