Why online tutoring?

Before COVID-19, online tutoring was something of a novelty. That was before it became ‘the new normal’ to access more and more services online. And online tutoring has become so successful that it is here to stay. So what does online tutoring have to offer and why should you consider choosing it as an option?

Specialist tutor access

Online tutoring provides you with access to a wider range of tutors. With home tuition you are limited to tutors who can travel to you. Online tutoring allows you to access specialist tutors who may not be nearby. If you choose online tutoring it means we are much more likely to find a tutor for your exact needs.


Online tutoring is just as effective as in-person face-to -face tuition. You can speak to the tutor in real time and interact and ask questions just as in face-to-face learning.

New ways to learn

Online tutoring can in fact be more interactive and support learning more effectively. Features of online software used for the sessions includes the ability to share screens, view video clips, have interactive whiteboards and run specialist learning programs. The learning therefore becomes more dynamic and exciting.

Cost effective

Traditional tutoring fees have to include the cost of travel expenses and time. Tutors are therefore likely to be able to lower their hourly rate a little for nine tuition.

No complicated equipment

You really don’t need anything complicated to be able to have online tuition. You do need a broadband connection and a webcam – but these are often built into laptops and tablets. You may have to download some software. Tutors will discuss the details of the software or platform they are going to use and make sure that you are able to access it. The majority of Home-School Tutoring West Yorkshire’s tutors use popular software such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft teams. They all do a similar job.

Fun and familiar

Young people are used to being online and they are familiar with interacting with other people via video calls. A lot of students prefer the online environment and consider it less pressured that having a teacher by their shoulder.


Online equals flexibility. Sometimes tutors are happy to hold 30 or 45 minute sessions as there is no travel involved. The tutoring can of course be carried out wherever the student and tutor happen to be as long as there is an internet connection.


Regardless of whether it is in-person or online tutoring, all Home-School Tutoring’s tutors are reference and DBS checked for your peace of mind. We have an online safeguarding protocol for tutors to follow and as a guide for parents.

Request a tutor

Ask for a free consultation and find out for yourself if an online tutoring program would be suitable for you or your child.

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why online tutoring
Published On: September 9, 20202.4 min readCategories: News, Online Tutoring
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